Thursday, March 16, 2006

Selected texts (and earnest mistranslations) seen in Panama City.

  • "Se vende ganga" - I'm sure this doesn't mean what I assume it does.

  • "El Tigre Verde" - Name of a plant store.

  • "Taller Car Planet" - Which is actually in Spanish and not a mistranslation.

  • FEAX Internationale - On a truck

  • Llamades de Celular 25c

  • STUDEBAKER - on a building which is theoretically no longer a Studebaker dealership.

  • Club de yates y pesca DIESEL - Come here to rent a yacht to catch diesel fish.

  • STUDENTS! Use the overpass the government built to save your life.

  • "Corruption Makes Us All Poor! To report, call..." - This on a billboard.

Bus names:

  • The Kronik

  • Melquisdeth

  • Macguiver

  • Nana Alanys



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