Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And, finally, the last post about Panama

And, in fact, it's not even really about Panama.

I decided on my way down to Panama that, while I would take some pictures of the country, that I'd rather do the ~old-school thing and keep a sketchpad of the trip with attendant notes than shoot seven thousand digital photos. So, well, I did. While I didn't make as many sketches as I would have liked, I did make quite a few. So, like any good child of the information revolution (capitalize it if you like), I have posted some of the better drawings to my webpage. If you'd like to check out the pictures, the url is If you live near me, I think that the pictures in the book give a better feel for the trip; I'd recommend that you hold your nose and come visit me to see them if you're interested. Also, I only scanned about half of the pictures - and not even the better half, in a few places. While I still can't draw people, I'm getting slightly better with it.

The regular posts of bad fiction reviews will resume post-haste. I'm sure you're excited.


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