Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Shouldn't Be As Upset About This As I Am.

A good long time ago, a friend posited to me that all the bad news that you see is actually a good thing. As long as the news was bad, she said, it meant that bad news is the exception and that everything else was good. But when the news starts focussing on good things, that means that good things are the exception, not the rule.

Now, I know that you can find everything on the Interweb. But this disturbs me far more than anything else that I've seen recently. Even more than goatse. Even more than that video with the man and the horse. Because if we have to have the site "happynews.com," it means that we have started to slide over to the point where good things happening are beginning to lose their precedence in the status quo to the bad things that are happening. Which means, I guess, that one day soon the earth is going to stop spinning suddenly and we're all going to be flung into the vacuum of outer space to die of asphyxiation. And we won't even care that much. Why? Because we'll be so accustomed to the bad things that have happened every day that we'll just keep on looking at happynews.com.


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